Hi there! My name is Pedro and I am a 15-year-old autistic software engineer and theoretical computer science enthusiast based in Brazil. I am passionate about compilers, kernels, and lexical analyzers, but my interests don't stop there. I also love to delve into other subjects such as functional programming, philosophy, linguistics, and physics. Despite being on the autism spectrum, I am determined to make a significant impact in my field and inspire others to do the same.

My Work

  1. IORuntime/voxu

    A strongly and statically typed, memory-efficient functional programming language.

  2. IORuntime/sw

    Automatic window hiding daemon/supervisor for X11.

  3. playhexalite/java-edition

    An open-source, modern, and modular network of Minecraft: Java Edition servers.

  4. hearkus/hearkus

    An innovative platform for music lovers to explore and share their passions.